Turn Me Into a Well-Behaved Gentle-pup

Hire Puppies Pause Training for dog training in Augusta, ME

Woof, woof! Ahem, I meant to say, hello there! It's me, your dog speaking. We seem to be having some communication issues. You keep trying to teach me to be a good boy, but something's just not clicking for me. Who can we turn to for help?

Through my canine hearing, I learned about a place called Puppies Pause Training. The facility offers dog training in Augusta, ME for dogs like me. Jacqueline, the owner, can work with me on a one-on-one basis through her private dog training service, or I can make new friends during the group dog training sessions. Get in touch with Puppies Pause Training today to get the training help we need.

If you're ready to schedule Puppies Pause Training pet training services, fetch your phone and call today at 207-212-5042.

Basic obedience starts November 12, 2019

Buker Community Center at 22 Armory Street, Augusta, Maine - Room 20

  • 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm
  •  6 weeks
  • $125.00

Intermediate Obedience

  • Starts November 12
  • 7:30 to 8:30
  • 4 weeks
  • In that class we work on the C.L.A.S.S. requirements.
  • Great for dogs going on for Therapy Dog.
  • $125.00

Work with a certified dog trainer

Let's face it - I need professional help. Jacqueline can train a dog like me. To get her dog training certification, Jacqueline had to complete:

18 weeks of book classes.
6 weeks of trainer observations.
6 weeks of going through a dog training program as a client.
6 weeks of graded training.
25 hours of volunteering at a local shelter.

When you and I work with Jacqueline, we can be confident that we're getting some of the best dog training service in Augusta, ME. Don't stay - fetch the phone and call 207-212-5042 now to take advantage of her services.

From puppies to abused older dogs

Jacqueline fosters dogs and has four of her own - Tino, Sophie, Zsolt and Zsuszi. She has experience working with bully breeds like pit bulls and Rottweilers. She can work with new puppies who need to be potty trained and learn instructions like "sit" and "lay down." She can train older dogs who've managed to skip training for years. She can even help older dogs who may have been abused and lost their trust in humans.

If you're ready to start my training, reach out to Puppies Pause Training right away.