Let Me Learn Alongside My Fellow Pups

Puppies Pause Training is your source for group dog training in Augusta, ME

I've tried my hardest, but I just can't understand your human gibberish and hand motions. This pup needs a little help following your commands. Luckily, Puppies Pause Training is the place you and I can learn how to communicate with each other.

Puppies Pause Training offers group dog training in Augusta, ME for $125. Jacqueline, a certified dog trainer, knows that I may not learn as fast as other dogs. She'll take the time needed to make sure I truly understand all of your commands. She can also help me with my potty training, jumping and barking issues. Get in touch with Puppies Pause Training now so I can make you happy following your every command.

This sweet doggo is our 11 year old Chow, Sophie, who lost her battle with cancer. Sophie was very loved by all - even her fellow furry friends, as she was motherly to all.

Upcoming Classes

All Classes Are Drop In

  • 5 weeks
  • 6-7pm
  • classes are being held at:

    • Monday Humane society of Waterville
    • Wednesday  and Thursday Augusta 555 Eastern Ave.

  • $125.00

My training schedule

My tail is wagging just thinking about all the fun we'll have with the other humans and dogs training at Puppies Pause Training. Here's a look at the program:

Week 1: I stay home while you get some training for a change! Jacqueline will get to know you and learn about some of my issues. She'll go over what I'll be learning and make sure you have the right equipment. You'll also be filling out paperwork for my training.

Week 2: I'll learn what you mean when you say "heel" and "sit."

Week 3: I'll learn when you want to snuggle or have had enough of my kisses with the "come" and "down" commands.

Week 4: I'll learn to freeze when you say "stay."

Week 5: I'll show you everything I've learned during our previous lessons.

Week 6: I'll celebrate my training with a fun graduation!

You and I will enjoy showing off our new tricks for your family and friends. Dial 207-212-5042 today to learn when the next group session begins.