I’m a Shy Pooch, And That’s OK at Puppies Pause Training!

I’m a Shy Pooch, And That’s OK at Puppies Pause Training!

Turn to Puppies Pause Training for private dog training in Augusta, ME

When I’m with you, I’m as happy as can be. But when this pooch gets around other people or dogs, you may notice some of the following behaviors:

My ears flatten.
My tail tucks between my hind legs.
I start licking my lips and yawning.
The hair on the back of my neck is raised.

All of those are signs of fear. My shyness doesn’t have to keep me from being a well-behaved dog. Puppies Pause Training offers private dog training in Augusta, ME for fearful dogs like me. For $60 an hour, owner Jacqueline will travel to homes within a 50-mile radius of her Augusta home. I’ll learn how to sit, stay and lay down without the pressure of performing in front of a crowd.

Contact Puppies Pause Training right away to give me the personal attention I need to shine.

A certified dog trainer who’s at our service

You can trust Jacqueline to help you and me finally communicate effectively. She can work with puppies and adult dogs, including adopted dogs that have been abused. If I’m a slow learner, she’ll take the time needed to make sure the lessons sink in. Schedule a private dog training session in Augusta, ME today. You’ll be amazed with the patience and professionalism we’ll get from Jacqueline.